It’s Everything

Had a childhood dream to be an Olympic athlete. Finally came true at 50, in Finland.

Every person is telling a story.¬†We judge ourselves on what we plan to do. Others judge us on what we’ve already done.

jeff noel has been telling a personal wellness and personal responsibility story for two solid years. Lane 8 is only one of the five (I know many of you are tired of hearing this – sorry) differently-themed blogs I write.

And this blog may stop in a few more days. Not for good, but for a while. Just didn’t want you to be caught off guard, in case you don’t follow the other 4 blogs.

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This Is The Healthiest

Do something. Just get moving. Walk for goodness sake…

Who needs a hug? A common saying when people seem down. “Who needs a wake up call?” – jeff noel’s saying when taking health for granted.

The healthiest you’ll ever be is right here, right now. There. That’s your wake up call. No charge.

If you aren’t engaged in staying active, this is the healthiest you’ll ever be. Say good bye to it. Or not. Put up or shut up.

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