Like you mean it is significant

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“Like you mean it” is a significant soundbite in my business.


Like you mean it is a significant part of my business, from day one in 2008 – and even before i incorporated my LLC.

Most people get the implication from, “like you mean it”.

The application of like you mean it is endless.





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What if someone wrote a book review – ‘common sense on steroids’ – would you buy it?

Mid Life Celebration book
A common sense book that’s even better than cheesecake?


What if someone wrote a book review – ‘common sense on steroids’ – would you buy it?

Steroids are negative, and used illegally to enhance performance.

Steroids are positive, quickly treating conditions that no other medical option can address, say a sudden digestive tract inflammation associated with Inflammatory Bowel disease.

We see what we want to see, no?

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Don’t Complicate Things

Simplified or Paralyzed?
Simplified or Paralyzed?

One of the secrets I’ve learned is that it’s better to simply get started and do, rather than worry and wait.

Yeah, at risk with a business card as “unprofessional” as this is that people won’t take you seriously.

However, what’s also at risk with some really slick, professional business cards is they will also get neglected, not because they aren’t professional, but rather because they’re boring.

Many people think if they do things a certain way, then everything else will fall into place.

Maybe. If you work for an established organization.

And maybe if all the critical tools and resources – marketing, legal, human resources, community relations, public relations, media relations, finance, advertising, hiring, organizational structure, vision, mission, brand, etc – have long been established.

Maybe, but, if you’ve ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur, you are in for a rude awakening.

Same goes for health.

Here’s to hoping your phone never rings in 2010 with this, “Honey, it’s for you. It’s your wake-up call.”