The Running?

The running, well, the running stopped. And the move to Central Florida on a very limited income for a young couple starting out was tough. By the way, they had only one car.

So jeff rode a bicycle 30 miles one-way to work – at the Disney’s Contemporary Resort Front Office. A couple years later, they could finally afford a second car.

Jeff got a promotion. A desk job on third shift. And gained 25 pounds.

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12 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

Some Are Good, Some Are Bad
Some Are Good, Some Are Bad

Everyday Health is a great resource for health, diet, exercise and wellness article, like this one on 12 reasons you may not be losing weight.

People I’ve known for years don’t think I need to worry about this.

I worry about it every day, which is why it looks like I don’t.

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Lane 8 Food Pyramid

Eat More Cheesecake?
Eat More Cheesecake?

Anyone out there disagree that diet and exercise are a good way to control and maintain decent health?

Anyone not heard of the Food Pyramid?

Okay, so these things are well-known common knowledge, right?

What’s at the base, the foundation, of the the food pyramid?

Then explain to me please, why is it that people will pick apart a sandwich and eat the meat and discard the bread?

Not trying to make anyone feel bad, I’m seriously trying to understand this. It confusing and bewildering.

Do these people know something that the rest of the scientific nutritional world is clueless to?