You Win Some And You Lose Some

Would have loved running this road two mornings in a row.
Stone Mountain, Georgia. Yesterday.
Greensboro to Atlanta. Atlanta to Orlando.

Yesterday: up at 4:30am to be the first one in the classroom. Teach until lunchtime. Pack up, grab lunch, check in and wait at airport, travel all day….Four days on the road. One day of exercise. I knew this before I left Orlando.

Today: sleep in until 6:30am, write five blogs, run and strength workout at Gold’s Gym. You win some and you lose some, as long as we refuse to quit. We quit and we always lose.

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Lane 8 Optimism

Tell Them Age Is An Excuse
Tell Them Age Is An Excuse

What can we learn from defeat, loss, failure?

Many things to be sure. But only if we try hard to learn from setback. And only if we listen. And only if we then try again.

Are you listening? And I don’t mean, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening”.

I mean, are you the kind of person that will pick yourself up after you fall?

Are you the type of person that finds a million ways to stay motivated?

You see, getting motivated is one thing. What makes winners is staying motivated.

Oh wait, you want to tell me something, right?

Okay, go ahead.

“Jeff, you don’t understand, my life is hard. It’s very difficult.”

Here’s a Christmas gift for you, and it is given with the most hopeful and sincere intent – “No one has it easy. Period. End of story.”

This may scare some people off, and I would hate to see that happen, but I can’t allow myself to make excuses.

How can I teach our son (9), that it’s okay to make excuses?

The Obvious is Invisible

Lane 8
Lane 8

Because we see it every time we visit Lane 8, we don’t see it any more.

The tag line.


The tag line beneath the title, Lane 8, at the very top (header) of this page”

“If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.”

As soon as I start taking the most important things for granted, I lose. Are ya with me?