Common Sense Is Elusive

Is the list of benefits from staying active too long?

Delta Bessborough
Will be months before it’s warm and green enough to run outside


Can’t stop thinking about how it is possible for anyone, anywhere, to not stay active.

Is the list of benefits from staying active too long?

Um, sorry, that’s a real question.

And yes, the list of excuses reasons for not staying active is long and diverse.

Yet at the end of the day, the CEO of our life has to make important choices.

The Herd doesn’t care, and in fact, the Herd welcomes our complicity.

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Imagine John Lennon

Can you imagine John Lennon as an athlete? I can, but it doesn’t seem he ever was.  His travel schedule was hectic to be sure, at least for much of his life with the Beatles.

So maybe he had an excuse – world travel.

Can I use it too?  Oh, and let’s see, may I also use some of these?:

  1. Too busy with work
  2. Too busy with school
  3. Too busy with the kid(s)
  4. Soon as the weather gets nice
  5. Starting January 1
  6. I can’t find an exercise I like
  7. It’s too dark
  8. It’s too cold
  9. I can never see results (fast enough)
  10. It’s too hard

Not exercising didn’t kill John Lennon, but it certainly may contribute to my death.

Do you ever think about stuff like this?

PS. Tomorrow, we revisit yesterday’s blog post and reveal the number one most contagious thing in the world.