Do The Right Thing Mostly

For The Teddy Bear's Owner
Doing It For The Teddy Bear's Owner

Life is hard. Period. Agreed? In fact this morning, I’m getting x-rays of ankle, fibula and tibia. And Achilles tendon ultrasound.

When it comes to diet and exercise, do the right thing most of the time. Moderation has it’s place. It’s okay to eat ice cream or cake, just not everyday. Miss a workout or two, but not too many.

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What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

The Truth Can Be Very Scary
The Truth Can Be Very Scary

The biggest obstacle humans have, it seems, is that we want everything to be easy.

Marketers and Advertisers make their living making things easier for us, or making us believe things will get easier.

The brutal reality?

It just ain’t so.

The truth hurts. And it also sets us free.

Work hard today. And tomorrow. And like, for the rest of your life. We can coast when we’re dead.

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