Impossible Is For Amateurs

You deserve better and this may change your life…

A year from now you’ll wish you had started today…

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PS. A very special and grateful thank you to Lorie Sheffer for sharing this with me yesterday.

Numbers, numbers, numbers

One More Public Service Announcement Most Of You Will Appreciate

I do all my own stunts, am the chief photographer, and love when people have "aha" moments.

After daily journalling (blogging) for three straight years (5.7k posts), it just hit me. Even if no one read Mid Life Celebration’s five daily blogs, I’d do it anyway. Unquestionably. Know why?

Insight: If you know why, then I have done my job here.

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Ready to Fight?

Frozen, Hardened
Frozen, Hardened

Are you ready to fight for your life?

Then, and only then, will you start to see the changes you’ve always dreamed of.

May I introduce your opponent?

It’s you.  You are the challenge. You are the problem. You are the opportunity.

It’s time to kick your own butt.  Seriously, it is.

If not you, who?  if not now, when?

Ps.  I’m dead serious about this.