Have you tried the snake oil?

There’s something about daily margin that never gets old.

Have you tried the snake oil?


You know the Tim Ferris bestselling book, The 4-Hour Workweek?

Do you believe it’s possible or impossible?

Know anyone who’s succeeded? Know anyone who knows anyone who’s succeeded?

Remember the C25K Craze? You can go from couch potato to 5k runner.

Great, buzz-worthy mantra. All snake oil pitches are.

Can you guess the percentage of couch potatoes who have been transformed physically since finishing their first 5k years ago?

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Survey says…

Louisville river front carnival
The morning temperature hovered near 32 degrees.


Louisville sunrise
Nearly four miles into yesterday morning’s walking-commute to work.


Random sidewalk
Looking back where i had been last night.


Louisville river front carnival
Twelve hours later, same Ferris wheel.


flowering tree
It snowed 36 hours ago, yet all the trees are bursting with Spring anticipation.


  1. i’ve published 17,000+ blog posts.
  2. Yesterday i walked eight miles round trip to work.
  3. i drive an antique car as my primary mode of transportation.


Number three is untrue. My 1990 car won’t be an antique until 2020.


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Take your time but hurry up

Books on a shelf
1001 “Must Read” Books. Seriously. What changes?


Postponing getting active?

For when?

The unlimited, never-ending patience we have for postponing our healthy, vibrant living is so deadly.

Think of it this way with our day to day habits…

Our daily impatience is manifested in our pace. We hurry when we drive. We hurry at work. And hurrying is a sign of worrying. Worrying is a sign we are afraid of something.


What are we afraid of?

Becoming so vibrant that all our poor health habits, our sources of pleasure and relief, will have to be abandoned, for good?

It’s never too late to change.

The time will pass anyway


People are depending on you.

Depend on yourself.

Be an example, not a warning, as you age.




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She asked these two questions about his running

Disney Keynote Management Speaker


Disney Keynote Management Speaker


She asked these two questions about his running:

Did you always enjoy running or is it an acquired taste?

Watch when young kids are together. They do not walk anywhere. They run. And they smile and laugh while doing it. They cannot hide their joy.

Been running for the past 15 years straight. Ran track for five years in public school. Went 20+ years without running at all.

To answer the question, everything in life requires a balance of pros and cons. Some days running is joyous. Some days there is zero motivation. Before yesterday morning’s run, the longest run of my life, the motivation to run was very low.

You would have never guessed, right?

Guess again.

His advice? Don’t let someone else’s success and longevity become your excuse(s) because you think there’s something magical that you’re missing or cannot acquire.

The magic is finding a million ways to slay the bull crap lies we tell ourselves.

Good luck today.

You’re in charge.

Live like you mean it.

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