Dear Son

Dear laughter

Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016
Aha, costums can make us look healthy. Last night at Magic Kingdom on my way to Day 5’s writing spot.


Dear laughter,

It’s funny how i look back and never thought my hair would turn gray. Never thought running a sub-six minute mile would ever feel like an accomplishment.

Never thought that health really is wealth.

Funny how ignorant i was and never knew.

Ps. What’s funny now is how i can see my only option is to laugh at the devil’s incessant daily temptations to not take exercising so seriously.


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Dear Son

Dear Son, Every Once In A While, Your Dad Becomes Weak And Does This

Dear Son, it goes against my better judgement, and even embarrasses me that it happens, but every once in a while, all I can do is laugh. It is surely a sign of my weakness (12-sec vid).

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