Dead last is perfect


Lane 8 is the worst lane in the one lap 400-meter sprint. Runners remain in their lanes, with the fastest runners in the middle lanes and the second slowest runner in lane one and the slowest is in the outside lane (8) – huge disadvantage because you cannot see the other seven runners, until they pass you.

That’s the lane i want. Yes, i want the worst lane, and, i don’t care if i come in last.

Lane 8, in the finals. At the world championships.

You can be dead last and still be the eighth best in the world.


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Lane 8 At Golds Gym Orlando

Went to Golds Gym yesterday for the second time in ten days. Didn’t really want to. It was cold here in Orlando. Cloudy and gloomy too.  Wasn’t particularly motivated.


So a choice had to be made.  Same choice, day in, day out.

Exactly.  So who cares?  I get it.  Healthy people, especially healthy Baby Boomers rub the rest of the Baby Boomer group (the unhealthy ones) the wrong way.  So what am I supposed to do?  Slow down?