Remember 1-Mailbox-a-Day?

What began from that April Fool’s day (2009) wellness challenge, to run one mailbox a day for a week and continue adding a mailbox each consecutive week, led to the first of several moments of truth.

The first moment of truth was about three years (2002) into running on my own, by myself, each morning in the dark, with headlights coming at you at 60 mph. And for half of the year, by Floridan standards, cold mornings to boot.

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Please Don’t Get Me Wrong

Please don’t get me wrong, I still ran. I was, after all, a Health & Physical Education major, destined to be a High School Gym teacher during the school year, and drive a beer truck during summers – just like Mr Warner, our 8th-grade Gym Teacher. He was the epitome of cool.

But between the beer consumption and the late night munchies, I had to run. You get the picture.

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The Younger jeff noel Was

The younger jeff noel was, the faster he was. Set a 7th grade school record. And again in 8th and 9th grades. Even in High School.

But with age, reality isn’t always a gracious teacher. Come to find out (and completely ignorant to it, or maybe denial) that jeff noel was just a big fish in a very small pond.

The bigger the pond got, the slower he got.

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