Age means nothing and exercise gets unfairly criticized

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Motivation IS Oxygen – without purpose we are doomed


The 70-something woman who has never exercised commented last night that she has much more energy after her physical therapy sessions.

Afterwards she has the energy to do four or five errands – something previously unheard of.

For five weeks she’s been going to therapy to strengthen her legs because in five days she is having knee replacement surgery.

The stereotype is that exercise makes us tired.

Guess again.

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Stay safe, have fun applies to more than Masters competitions

knee pain
walking out to the car after a full day


Stay safe, have fun applies to more than Masters competitions. Injured my right knee at Epcot, simply bending down to pick up a piece of trash. For real.

Thought nothing of it really. Sure, definitely felt a sharp pain, but really, it was a simple bending motion to do what I do all day long when I’m at work.

How could it be serious?

Click wellness challenge to hear the boring details.

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Insight: Being in great physical condition makes these types of injuries less frequent and less severe if, or when, they happen.