The key to everything is simple

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Good and decent habits and choices can be elusive for unlimited reasons. Photo from late April 2018.


The key to everything is motivation.

Without motivation, why would you do the hard work to build something that doesn’t exist?

Hard work scares us because, well, it’s hard – and hard work involves focus, discipline, and sacrifice.

Humans are easily distracted and bored – we are comfort seekers.

You have to be able to see the future state.

Vision without action is a hallucination.

PS. The greatest comfort i’ve experienced is learning to be intentional in things where i was unintentional, and maybe even where i completely ignored things.


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The key to wellness success is ridiculously obvious

In Africa, everyday it's the same - survival of the fittest. Don't get eaten....

The key to wellness success is ridiculously obvious. Please read this carefully…

Never get bored with the basics. Never. Find a million ways to stay motivated. Getting motivated is (often) easy. Staying there, not on your life.

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Another Favorite

Yesterday I shared the favorite motivation tip:

  • Find a million ways

Today, a second favorite:

  • Pay attention

In August, I had the privilege to watch a 70-year old man do the equivalent of Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile barrier (1956).  Do you trust me enough to click here?

Please know up front that clicking will take you to an August 2009 Lane 8 blog post, which includes my You Tube video of a world record being broken.

Here’s a third motivation tip, as a bonus:

  • You must find time and reason to do things you don’t what to do