Katie’s future is so bright, it reminds us of us

Heading off to University?
Heading off to University?


Katie’s future is so bright, it reminds us of us.

She’s heading off to University in two months on a soccer scholarship.

A life full of physical activity.

After college there will be plenty of time to easily and quickly stop being physically active.

As predictable as the rising sun, no?

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They Are Headed To Today’s Championship Soccer Game At Disney

The Girls U17 Soccer Championship title is up for grabs today.

Why can’t we do it all? We can dream of doing everything, but there’s this menacing rival called reality. Yesterday I wanted to go with my Family to our relative’s U17 soccer game. It wasn’t at Disney, so I stayed home and worked.

After the girls’ game, they went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. I missed that too. Can’t do it all. But I was amazingly productive.

Today (January 3, 2012) I’m headed to Disney World to watch Katie and her teammates play in the U17 Soccer Championship.

PS. I’ll get back to short and pithy. This writing 90 days ahead experiment is just that, an experiment. You’re still experimenting to get better too, right?

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