Let it be?

Lake McDonald Howe Ridge Fire smoke
GNP. Gone are the mountains in the distance. Lake McDonald.

The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease.

Marianne Moore

Tell a great story today. Don’t use words.


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The Internet is still in it’s infancy compared to the USA

John W Jolin
John W Jolin…photo from an article found using a Google search.


John W Jolin
John W Jolin…photo of a story found using a Google search.


The prevailing wisdom of life is this:

There are things you have control over and things you don’t.

Yesterday’s normal “Friday” 8-miler was modified about two miles in. Decided to settle for a two mile run, with another 3.5 miles of walking. Rationalized that Monday’s and Wednesday’s runs were longer than normal and an “easy” day was not only welcomed, but also a smart move.

The definition of “smart move” is completely subjective, and is driven by individual perception.

At Disney in the late 1980’s, Disney’s new Resort VP Bob Small told me, “Perception outweighs facts”.

It would seem that any pixie-dust of the poem, and how the author and her staff live it are skewed by “perception versus reality”.




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Is there a fine line or is it the Berlin Wall?

Woodlands and residential property line
Is there a fine line or is it the Berlin Wall?


One of the easiest ways for Baby Boomers (any age really) to quit exercising is to overdo something, get injured, get frustrated, rationalize it’s not worth it, and never return to decent activity.

Hurt the shoulder the other day. Gets worse each day. Hurts even on slow jog. Heading to doctor now.

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