Prefontaine Wasn’t A Ruuner?

Hayward Field, University of Oregon
Hayward Field, University of Oregon

Steve Prefontaine, was America’s distance running prodigy in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, until his tragic and untimely death in 1974.

Pre held every American running record from 2,000 meters to 10,000 meters.

Pre ignited the “jogging craze” of the 1970’s.

Pre challenged authority.

He challenged his coach, Bill Bowerman (who was starting a little shoe company later called Nike).

Steve Prefontaine wasn’t a runner, he was a rebel.

A rebel who just so happened to also be a runner.

Do you have guts, courage?

Where does your strength come from? Here’s a decent source of mine.

Pre's Passion Is Legendary
Pre's Passion Is Legendary

Lane 8 Happy New Year

Motivation Is Like A Fire
Motivation Is Like A Fire

Wow, another year come and gone.

It can be so challenging to get healthy, so challenging to stay healthy.

I often wonder if I’ll ever end up a hypocrite, a phony.

Living in Central Florida now for 26 years, it’s this time of year when we actually use our fireplace. And being on vacation the past ten days, we’ve been having a fire nightly. Sometimes we even start the fire in the morning.

And this thought just entered my mind while typing this blog post:

Motivation is like a fire. You must continue adding fuel to it to keep it burning.

Otherwise, it will go out.  A “no brainer” as they say.