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Midlife Celebration Will Celebrate The Final November Week With An Atypical Theme

jeffrey noel Has Used This Midlife Celebration Photo Before

jeffrey noel, Midlife Celebration’s founder, has been wanting to experiment with an atypical theme. noel takes copious photos from his worldwide travels. Many pictures never make it to The Blog Whisperer’s Blogs for different reasons. Starting tomorrow, expect the photos to come first and the commentary second.

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Need Help Not Giving Up?

Let’s Explore The Handful Of Acceptable Reasons For Not Exercising

Let’s explore the handful of acceptable reasons for not exercising:

  • Death
  • Um, I can’t think of any others

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One Question A Day?

And I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

Seriously, what would happen?

What would happen to American Baby Boomers if they found some form of moderate exercise, say walking, they could do four or five times a week, and they did this for three years?

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