Lane 8, What’s Next?

Lane 8, “What’s next”?

Face to face questions, as well as emails, ask the same thing, “Are you preparing for any upcoming meets”?

Yes, and no.

YES, there are two big meets in 2010.  The WMA Masters Track & Field Indoor World Championships in early March, in Kamloops, British Columbia.  And there’s the USA Masters Track & Field National Championships, in July, in Sacramento, California.

NO, the left heel pain precludes me from anything remotely intense enough to be considered world class training.

This may be a good thing. If you don’t know, it was never the intent to become a world class Master’s athlete.  But after several years of running and making common sense, common practice, I wanted to see if it could actually be done.

Tomorrow I’ll describe the level of fitness that I didn’t even know I had achieved.  And what it feels like to see it slip away and the thought process on how, and if, I should deal with that.

Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is easy for me.  Almost as easy as breathing.  This is a scary proposition.


Because of the ease of putting on pounds, I have to work extra hard to counteract this natural tendency.  Most humans do.

Once, two friends who were talking about their current diets, looked at me and said, “You’re lucky, you don’t need to worry about your weight”.

In reply, “I worry about my weight every single day, that’s why I don’t have to worry about it”.  Ya with me?  Stay focused.  Fight a good battle today.