Lane 8 Behind the Scenes


Hello everyone. Hope you had a healthy week.  It’s challenging isn’t it?

Diet and exercise.  Sounds so simple.

Then why are we an obese society? An unhealthy society? Why?

Can someone help explain why this is so, and even more compelling, why we as a society, just put our heads in the sand and pretend like it doesn’t exist?  Why we pretend like it’ll go away if we ignore it long enough?

It’s a grand wish that our son (9) will get and stay healthy as a lifetime goal. With Inflammatory Bowel Disease, he’s 20 times more likely to develop colon cancer than the average person.

Last time I looked, colon cancer is bad news.

Lane 8 is a metaphor for life.  For trying your best to do important things – like lead a healthy life.

And it started over a decade ago, with me running one mailbox a day for a week.

As my health improved, my desire to maintain it became harder to find.