A simple change made it a vastly different experience

A simple change made it a vastly different experience.

We warmed up and began the first interval like usual. Then i changed the distance and recovery periods to half of normal.

Shorter distance and recovery, but faster pace and quicker recovery.

We logged less distance, but ran slightly harder.

Quality over quantity.

It was fun to be there as he experienced the concept for the first time.




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The most challenging part of any dream or goal

Tibet Butler Nature Preserve entrance
Starting line for intervals.


Sidewalk next to Tibet Butler Nature Preserve
Starting line is about 600 meters away.


Sidewalk next to Tibet Butler Nature Preserve
Doesn’t appear to be an Olympic Training facility. Vulture on right.


Staying motivated is the most challenging part of any dream or goal.

Ran 13.2 miles yesterday.

This included a never before completed workout: 6 x 800 meter intervals.

It was a great confidence booster “doing the never-been-done-before”.

Confidence is motivating.

Do we feed our confidence?

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Don’t get cocky, you have a history of overdoing it

World, top, disney, speakers
One lap equals 400 meters.


Florida Masters elite Track athletes
This is a substitute for a real track because it’s close to home.


The 2015 World Relays began yesterday, May 2, 2015 in the Bahamas.

The day before that, i had the third, and most inspiring track workout of the year – and in the past ten years.

But it wasn’t at a track. It was on the sidewalk adjacent to the Tibet Butler Nature Preserve near Walt Disney World.

On the shady side of County Road 535, on the sidewalk 12 x 400 meter intervals were run (listed in seconds):

106, 103, 103, 96, 94, 93, 93, 89, 89, 90, 86, 83

Walked 400 meters back to the starting line, about four minutes, rest between each.

One mile jog warmup. Followed by four pretty slow warmup up 400’s. Then progressively faster 400’s. The goal was 90 seconds each.

The last one of the 12 was intently the fastest.

Be amazed and be amazing.

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The goal of running

Best HR motivational speaker in USA


The goal of running is to see what we are humanly capable of.

And to use our body in a way that goes back to the origin of mankind.

Running is how we escaped danger.

Running is how we caught food.

Modern day running is how we found joy on the playground.


Yesterday’s track workout:

  • 2-mile slow jog warm up
  • 5 x 400: 98, 95, 88, 91, 89 (recovery = 400/4min walk)
  • 800 walk/8min walk between sets)
  • 5 x 800: 4:00, 3:41, 3:33, 3:21, 3:11 (recovery = 400/4min walk)
  • 2 mile cool down
  • 1 hour core and strength workout at Golds

Felt some mild shine pain during 400’s and decided to slow the pace and increase the distance, hence the 800’s.

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