There Is An Art To Staying Motivated In Midlife, And jeff noel Offer Boomers A Free Internet Resource On How To

jeff noel works for a creative genius and applies those strategies to his health goals

There is an art to life, in staying motivated, in living with few, if any, regrets. Boomer jeff noel has discovered life’s secrets to staying motivated. He shares them as a free, how to, Internet resource on his five daily, different-themed Mid Life Celebration blogs.

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Mid Life Celebration’s Five Different Blogs On Life’s Big Choices Each Contain Nearly 1,000 Posts

"Squirrel", trivial reference from Disney Pixar "UP"

Boomers, Mid Life Celebration’s five differently-themed blogs contain nearly 1,000 posts each. This is a bit hard to comprehend. No worries though. Boomers aren’t used to having a free Internet resource that looks at work life balance is such a compellingly different, and profoundly simple light.

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Health Blogs

You Can Do It
You Can Do It

There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-million blogs on the Internet, and growing daily.

There are 221-million results if you Google “Health Blogs”.

What are all these health-blog people trying to say? Please let me summarize for you:

  1. Dream Big
  2. Get There
  3. Stay There

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

PS. Do your excuses make you stop or make you sick? Mine made me sick. Sick to think that I’m the only one responsible for my actions and I wasn’t doing anything about it, except making excuses.

Excuses be damned.