Ever Think Like This?

Run for your life…

Cooper (left) is ALWAYS ready to run…

Yellow Labs

Every four years the Olympics inspire a world full of spectators. Watching from the sidelines or from our living room stirs our soul. The million dollar question? Will the inspiration to move and do something actually come to fruition?

Go. You CAN move. You should move. You owe it to yourself. And to the people you love.

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You – Superhero or Villian?

I Can Fly
I Can Fly

Were you ever a kid?

Loaded question, right?  Of course.  We all were. So what’s the point?

The point is there’s a more important question, “Are you still a kid?”

Let’s assume we all say, “Yes, I’m still a kid at heart.”

Good, because kids dream of being a super hero, or being saved by a super hero.  Remember?  Well guess what?  If you are looking for a place to find your motivation, consider being a super hero.