Continuous improvement

portable Apple Mag iPhone charger
New iPhone wireless iPhone Mag charger. It’s providing 40-45% charge per use on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Continuous improvement.

The road to excellence has no finish line.

Continuously become more free from the logistical worries that travel attracts.

Travel lean.


Nothing more.

Hands free.




This innovative mindset makes physical vibrancy easier to maintain while away from home’s conveniences.

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Lane 8 Health & Wellness Blog

Lane 8 In Finland 2009
Lane 8 In Finland 2009

Last night I experimented with a WordPress front page “sticky post”. This allows bloggers to indefinitely keep a certain blog post as the very first post. Like a sticky note.

If it works, regular Lane 8 readers will see the same “Welcome to Lane 8” post indefinitely. This is really for first time readers to give them a quick look at what Lane 8 is about.  All you’ll have to do is simply scroll past it each time you visit, to get the daily Lane 8 post.

Do you experiment?  At work?  At home?  With your diet? With your exercise routine? With your rest? With your motivation?

We all know that experimentation and creativity are the keys to innovation. What grade do you give yourself for practicing what you preach?

Anyone on the honor roll this semester?