Disney creativity never gets old and never feels like work

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Yesterday was an “off” day for exercise, but the 3 mile walk was more than welcomed.


Love using Disney creativity (automatically)  to solve day to day challenges.

A short visit to Tire Kingdom for a minor repair was quoted at a 90-minute wait. Sit and wait in the lobby?


Those 90 minutes allowed just enough time to walk three miles roundtrip to the allergist for bi-weekly injections.

Spring isn’t far away and you’ll start seeing people posting how miserable their sinus infections are making them feel.

Been there, done that (except Facebook didn’t exist back then).

This Spring, because of 14 years of injections, i’ll be breathing easy.


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Ok, The One With The Most Excuses Wins And Can Quit

For the ones that make it look easy, it’s not. jeff noel is amazed oxygen reaches his brain.

I’m allergic to about 50 things. Every plant that is green. Food. Dust. Dogs. Temperature changes. So along with weekly injections in both arms, I get to use morning and evening nasal sprays.

Think this makes running harder? Impossible is for amateurs. Go!

Are you leaning on some excuses that are holding you back?

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