Careful about relaxing and enjoying yourself

fortune cookie saying
Yesterday after lunch at Pei Wei.


We attended two different Church services yesterday morning and then went to lunch. Cheryl is still working at Disneyland (two weeks total).

Love the fortune cookie message above.

Super grateful i haven’t made this a full-time mantra.


Because High School gym class might have been the last time i exercised.

Instead, my answer is two days ago. And in an hour, i’m biking 40k roundtrip (an hour ride each way) and spending an hour at Golds Gym in between.

•  •  •  •  •

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Totally understandable is totally wrong

View looking north from atop Shumont Mountain, near Asheville, NC


(photo: Had every intention of morning walks, but they never happened)

So tempting to take a day off. And then another. And if we’re really busy, a whole week off seems justifiable.

And the eighth day, if we remain really busy (and who doesn’t), seems easily justifiable too.


All too soon we are no longer exercising.

Totally understandable.

Totally unacceptable.


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Inactivity is an addiction

stop smoking
yes, we need to try, until the ultimatum is to stop trying, and just do it


A friend keeps saying he’s going to try to quit smoking. I said “You are or you aren’t. There is no try.” Tough love? The truth? Hell yeah. Been there, done that.

Same with becoming and staying physically active. We must break our addictions. Inactivity is an addiction. There, I’ve said it.

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