How important is having a goal?

personal wellness
moderation, self-discipline, rewards...these are all good things

How important is having a goal? Oh my gosh, this is such a ridiculous question! No professional would ever say it’s stupid to have important goals. Yet, to my sense of observation, most people walk around like exercise, healthy eating, rest, and overall wellness are chores to be avoided and shunned, not a “professional” responsibility.

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The Obvious is Invisible

Lane 8
Lane 8

Because we see it every time we visit Lane 8, we don’t see it any more.

The tag line.


The tag line beneath the title, Lane 8, at the very top (header) of this page”

“If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.”

As soon as I start taking the most important things for granted, I lose. Are ya with me?