The End Of Illness?

The warehouse storage room for daily common sense applications is almost empty.

Last night on ABC evening news David Agus, MD’s new book, The End Of Illness, was a featured segment. David is the person Lance Armstrong, Ted Kennedy and Steve Jobs trusted to help them extend their lives.

His premise is that good living is the cure for illness, not some yet to be discovered cure. Prevention through healthy living. This could be groundbreaking (*grin*).

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If Death Is The Only Acceptable Excuse, What About Boomers Living With Chronic Illness?

As powerful as the grip of a mighty Python

Ever been around codependence? Most people either don’t know, or won’t admit it. Neither good or bad, simply reality. In fact, we have all been through it or are going through it now. Breaking free from the chains of excuses is, or will be, one of life’s toughest obstacles.

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