Besides Diet & Exercise

Shoulda slept in

iPhone sleep timer
At best, waking up at 5am, 6.65 hours sleep. So the actual, 6.35 hours, is what it is.

Shoulda slept in.

Awoke at 4:40am with an idea swimming around in my head.

If i fell back to sleep for 20 more minutes until the 5:00am wakeup, almost guaranteed to lose the idea.

While 20 minutes seems insignificant, i was already logging less than seven hours.

Lots going on this week.

Big Disney Customer Service Keynote tomorrow at the local Ritz Carlton.

And mid-week a planning session with a Big Four Professional Services firm.

Oh, and then there’s this genius idea that woke me up.

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Buzz Worthy?

Speaker Video idea 2/5 – Prelude

Disney Customer Service Speakers
Are these characters on a journey?


Speaker Video idea 2/5 – Prelude:

This is the very first scene…setting context…the establishing shot (aka the long shot).

Some options in which where jeff is “dreaming aloud” about how to solve for the constant question from Speakers Bureaus and Meeting Planners, “Where are your speaker videos?” jeff’s current answer is, “i don’t have any.” This scene could start…

  1. On a call with a client who has just asked the question, so jeff repeats the question (with phone to his ear) and begins to answer (and somehow the answer is revealed in the video?)
  2. At the gym while doing an exercise
  3. At his home office desk
  4. In his kitchen while making hot water
  5. While talking to a client on his iPhone, at any location deemed interesting
  6. jeff waking up in his bed at 5am
  7. In the car driving home with his Son (17) after High School

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This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs

The burden of a crazy belief

World Masters Athletics 2015 registration screen
Registered yesterday, May 23, for three events.


The burden of a crazy belief.

For starters, inherent in your belief or idea is the word crazy.

Second, to think that at some point in life a human, all humans, would recommit to regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and adequate rest is well, ridiculous.

It is also lonely.

And a burden.

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Health Matters

Starve Cancer?

Family history of cancer?  Or maybe friends with cancer?  What’s your risk?

What are the options?  This TED video contends we may be able to starve cancer through our food choices and eating habits.

Lane 8 is dedicated to your physical health and well being.  And you should be too.


Got Ideas?

Got ideas?  Yes indeed.  The challenge is ideas aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if you can’t make them work.  This is true in our business life and our personal life.

People constantly come up with ideas to run the government better. Or ideas to help their favorite sports team do better. Or ideas their boss ought to use to become a better leader.

But when do we actually use any of these ideas on ourselves?  When do we look at ourselves with the same level of scrutiny as we do others? When?

And when do we ever attempt to take one of our ideas and apply it to ourselves?  When?  Seriously, when?

My advice is simply this.  I don’t give advice unless a person’s situation is life threatening, or, they ask me for advice.

So, when talking to myself – which is everyday, all day – I’m constantly looking for ways to become better.  Lane 8 is only one of five daily blogs I write.  Why?  Because it’s an idea that’s being implemented.