The skinny guy said something we rarely hear, but somehow can’t disagree with

Spring Grove, PA High School class of 1977 35th reunion photos
Yo, you, yeah, the 2nd from left in front row, pay attention


The skinny guy, late 50’s, said something we rarely hear, but somehow can’t disagree with.

He said, “I’m down to 183. You know the last time I weighed 183? I was 20 years old.”

“And you know”, he continued, “they say what we weighed when we were 20 is probably our ideal weight.”

If this is true, it’s time for me (front row, 2nd from left) to drop 15 pounds.

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Gaining Weight or Losing Weight

Gaining weight or losing weight.  These two topics seem to occupy our human obsessions more than just about anything.

Why?  Because it’s so challenging, with all the media, to feel comfortable with our bodies.

Maybe the media is right.  Maybe we are deficient in some way.  Want to know how I can tell if I need to gain weight or lose weight?

I simply ask myself, “How do you feel today”?

This past week I gained four pounds.  I can just feel it.  It feels different. Not different in a good way.  Different in a challenging way. At least there’s one thing to be really thankful for this past week.

I was listening to my body.  Were you?