Have you tried the snake oil?

There’s something about daily margin that never gets old.

Have you tried the snake oil?


You know the Tim Ferris bestselling book, The 4-Hour Workweek?

Do you believe it’s possible or impossible?

Know anyone who’s succeeded? Know anyone who knows anyone who’s succeeded?

Remember the C25K Craze? You can go from couch potato to 5k runner.

Great, buzz-worthy mantra. All snake oil pitches are.

Can you guess the percentage of couch potatoes who have been transformed physically since finishing their first 5k years ago?

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Two dangers in outward hype and big promises

Stay healthy. Have fun. How difficult could it be?

beach fun

Watching Ryan Lochte (swimming gold medal 400IM) last night, two dangers in outward hype and big promises come to mind.

  1. It adds fuel to the fire of your competitors
  2. You look bad, and feel even worse when you don’t even come close

Four days… no promises… no hype…

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