How fit were you in High School?

family photo
Halfway through Senior year.

Questions i ask myself…

How fit were you in High School?

How fit are you now?

Are you where you’d thought you’d be at your age?


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It was the first HS track practice i’ve seen since 1977

WPS HS track practice
Looks boring. Above coach Williams’s head are two runners doing intervals.


Surprised to see the Track team having 7am practice on a no-school Friday. The track marked the four-mile mark of yesterday’s run. i said hello to coach Williams and then watched the athletes for a few minutes – in and out of walking and jogging a couple laps. It was tempting to want to run intervals with them.

The night before i arrived early to school (to pick up our son) and with time to kill, walked down to the track. It was the first HS track practice i’ve seen since 1977. Spent 20 minutes wondering what my high school track practices would have looked like to an observer.

PS. i resisted the temptation to ask if i could join in.




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Please Don’t Get Me Wrong

Please don’t get me wrong, I still ran. I was, after all, a Health & Physical Education major, destined to be a High School Gym teacher during the school year, and drive a beer truck during summers – just like Mr Warner, our 8th-grade Gym Teacher. He was the epitome of cool.

But between the beer consumption and the late night munchies, I had to run. You get the picture.

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Pathetic. defines pathetic – (adj) miserably or contemptibly inadequate: “In return for your investment we get a pathetic three percent interest”.

What do we get for our investment in our physical well being?

Probably, pathetic.

We reap what we sow.