Who’d Want To Hire Professional Antagonist, jeff noel?

Our son’ first Montessori Teacher called it tough love. For a new parent traveling down the Pre-K road for the first time, it sounded bad and good.

Bad, because the child is 4. Good because there’s more to teaching than math.

Same with adults. Same with well being.

Our antagonist is our helper. And jeff noel is for hire.

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It Hit Me Yesterday

A Lane 8 follower commented yesterday and it made me think hard.

There’s a secret hope to inflict a (great) sense of responsibility on you readers.

It’s actually a fulfillment of my responsibility as a writer and thinker.  To think.  Then to write. And then to wait and see if it actually made anyone, other than me, think.

However, I do not let the scarcity of comments stop the daily blog postings. How would that be possible?  To preach daily focus, daily discipline and daily self-reflection, and not follow it.  That would be, well, hypocritical.

So, therefore, it is impossible to stop writing every day.  Why?

Because even though I thoroughly enjoy helping others, the real target audience is my Family.

PS.  In an apparent contradiction, even though I thoroughly enjoy helping my Family, the real target audience is you.