What's Our Obligation?

The car window message really didn’t make sense at first glance

iPhone stopwatch screen shot


Car needing help


Car needing help


Car needing help


(photos: First day of retirement was yesterday, and these photos were from the mid-morning 5-miler)

“Help Me”

Delayed run until well past sunrise in order for the air to warm. Nothing less than 50 minutes sounded good.

Saw a “help me” message on a car stopped in the middle of a busy four-lane road near Disney.

Turns out it was two honeymooners looking for Downtown Disney.

It was a nice one-minute break with 10 minutes still to run.

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The (Painful) Journey

Five blogs to write before a morning run

How many 70-year old high jumpers do you know? Crazy old folks… (inspiring)…

Masters High Jump

Five blogs to write before a morning run. No one in their right mind does this. And throughout history, with few exceptions, it’s the crazy ones who change things.

Go. Be your crazy self. And if you only change things for yourself, you are the ultimate champion. Because you cannot help others if you’re unable to first change yourself.

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How Much Is Enough?

If Boomers Are Unwilling To Push Another Beyond Their Limits, Does This Mean Giving Up Is Okay?

No Brainer, Eh?

If Boomers are unwilling to push another beyond their limits, does this mean giving up is okay? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. This makes it hard to plan our day, doesn’t it?

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One Question A Day?

How Hard Should One Push Or Pull, In Order To Help Another?

There is no easy answer to a challenging question. But there are short answers. How about, “As hard as necessary”?

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The Last Thing jeff noel Wants To Do Is Make You Feel Uncomfortable, Right?

Dude is 100 years old. Age means nothing. Use age as an excuse? For what?

Making you feel uncomfortable isn’t last on my list, it’s 4th.

The first 3 things jeff noel wants to help you with are:

  1. to Think
  2. to Smile
  3. to Be grateful

Having someone genuinely help you feel uncomfortable is one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever receive.

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