Our Healthy Choices Make Us

And our unhealthy choices break us.

But they do it so slowly.

Deceptively slowly.

Painfully slowly.

In either case.

This is why lifelong success is so elusive. We don’t see results fast enough.

And why health wake-up calls are so painful. We never see it coming.

Ultimately, our choices make us.

Which Would You Pick?
Which Would You Pick?
Buzz Worthy? Maybe It's Impossible

December 31 Was Very Surreal

This Should Get Us Through Until Wednesday
This Should Get Us Through Until Wednesday

Yeah, roughly 3,103 days of, “One day at a time”.

Three thousand days and nights.

Plus one hundred three more.

You know, more or less.

Somebody want to do the math? I picked the biggest drinking night in the entire world to quit (for the third time) – December 31, 2001.

This means December 30 was the final night.

I guess it had been nearly three decades.

December 31, 2001 was very surreal….

Maybe It's Impossible

Every Day Is A Struggle

Title Or Rank Don't Provide Immunity
Title Or Rank Don't Provide Immunity

Be kind to everyone you meet, for everyone single one of us is carrying a heavy load.

There was no exercise yesterday.  Too many other things took priority.

Not only is diet and exercise challenging, but so is not letting too many tough days happen in a row. Don’t do it.


Did You?

Be Well.  Are You?  Will You?
Be Well. Are You? Will You?

Did you exercise yesterday?

Did you eat mostly healthy food?

Do you plan on doing it again today?


If you answered no to the questions, today’s another day.

If not you, who?  If not today, when?

Are you getting this?  Or is it getting old?

If it’s getting old, so are you.