As You Get Older

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Fires of any size require fuel. Fact of life.

Meetings of any size require fuel. Fact of life.

Motivation is like a meal. A few hours later, you’re hungry again.

We think the monthly department meeting, quarterly divisional meeting or annual company meeting will fire us up for the next 3 to 12 months.

Months? Are you kidding me! Months? Try hours.

Same for our health motivation..

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Masters Track?

Masters Track
Masters Track

Yes, Masters Track.

What do you do to stay motivated to reach and maintain your health goals?

Master’s athletes are defined as people over 30 years old.

There are other sports that have Masters competitions too.  The thought of trying something completely out of my comfort zone actually seems possible – at a future time, of course.


Because the whole point of the competition, to me, is simply to find ways to stay motivated.  When things get boring, I get less motivated.

This is a deadly place to be, literally.

Someday. maybe swimming.  Or perhaps I’ll try Filed events, like the Discus, Shot Put, or, heaven forbid, the Pole Vault.

Whatever it takes.  That’s one of the secrets to staying healthier.  I figure everybody knows this, but it never hurts to say important things over and over.

Does it?