Shut Up (Don’t)

Same Art Show…be smart about your plan. Let it be by design, not by default…

Counter-intuitive for shy or introverted people, the last thing you should do is keep quiet about your health and wellness goals.

The very fact that you announce them, is the seed of accountability – the bottom line – your physical responsibility.

When I started running 12 years ago, all I wanted to do was “wake everything up” – knees, tendons, ligaments, muscles, lungs…

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Don’t Exercise For Longevity

Why is Oregon’s legandary Hayward Field my iPhone’s screen saver…

Have you ever written something that made your skin tingle? Yesterday’s post did. Because it revealed a dormant thought…

I don’t exercise to live longer. I exercise to stay healthy, enjoy life, and glorify the creator who gave me this body.

Not for vanity to look good on the outside, but for how it feels on the inside. Do you get this? And more importantly, do you do anything about it?

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Health Blogs

You Can Do It
You Can Do It

There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-million blogs on the Internet, and growing daily.

There are 221-million results if you Google “Health Blogs”.

What are all these health-blog people trying to say? Please let me summarize for you:

  1. Dream Big
  2. Get There
  3. Stay There

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

PS. Do your excuses make you stop or make you sick? Mine made me sick. Sick to think that I’m the only one responsible for my actions and I wasn’t doing anything about it, except making excuses.

Excuses be damned.

Health Focus Areas Top 3

Focus our health on top three areas:

  1. Cardiovascular
  2. Strength
  3. Flexibility

The last one, flexibility, is the one most often overlooked.

Click here to explore why, and to discover simple tips to overcome this.

Sounds simple, but it will be one of the toughest, and longest, journeys of your life.

And one I wouldn’t trade for anything.  We reap what we sow. Make it a great day.  It’s up to each of us.

Daily Wellness Tips

For daily wellness tips from Everyday Health, click here. Once on the Calendar page, if you click on any date, a short, daily wellness tip will pop up for you.

Meanwhile, here are my favorite daily wellness tips:

  1. Think Big Picture – long term
  2. Be flexible with your schedule/routine
  3. Be creative with your schedule/routine
  4. Work through the mental tough spots
  5. Find a million ways to stay motivated

There are others, but these are the critical success factors that work for me. My way is not the only way. And this list is intended to share the common sense building blocks for a wide variety of approaches.

The best way, is the way that works for you.  And, generally speaking, the best way for you is the one that you never abandon.  Good luck and here’s to your health!