jeff noel Health Update

Dear lizard-breath, how do you medicate? Let’s count the ways…

Personal health is your responsibility, making life hard.

After 2 years, jeff noel stopped taking Celebrex January 1, 2011.

The chronic foot pain from plantar fasciitis has been non-existent.

Two years was a long time to take prescription medicine.

And your health resolutions?

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jeff noel Health Resolutions

Our lizard brain tells us it’s okay, leading us to complacency…

Stopped making health resolutions because “they don’t work”?

A self-fulfilling prophecy. Right?

At some point, victor or victim. You know this too. And you’re good with that?

Please remember, I’m pulling for you to succeed. Don’t give up – rule #1.

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How Is Your Health?

Start Working On Your Excuses
Start Working On Your Excuses

Do you find yourself being interested in this question, or do you quickly change the subject?

If you’re interested, great.

If you change the subject, you have an awesome opportunity not to.

I’m not you, but if I was, I wouldn’t wait until January 1st to make a resolution. I’d be formulating it right now, working slowly and steadily at making enough small changes that come January 1, 2011, you’ll feel like this is the year you won’t fail.

Have a great Monday. Are you heading over to jeff