The opportunity that lies at our feet

don’t let other people’s failed dreams infect our determination for our own


high blood pressure
if our blood pressure isn’t great now, that doesn’t mean it can’t be in the future


Our present circumstances don’t determine where we can go; they merely determine where we start. ~ Nido Qubein

We know this.

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Happy New Year’s Eve America, are we the land of the not so well?

Happy New Year’s Eve America, are we the land of the not so well?

Hard to say. Seems so. Doesn’t it? We won’t win any awards for healthiest Country. Not anytime soon.

On today of all days, the question we might ask is an obvious one:

What do I plan to do about this starting tomorrow?

May all our dreams come true, and may we be prepared to stir things up with ourselves.

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Track Your Health Progress

We are visual people and need proof we can see. So track your progress.

Determine what metrics you want to track and a process that’s easy to execute.

In a simple folder, I use single sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper to log all 7 days cardio (run/walk), with a section to log gym (strength/core) workouts. There’s space for a few comments too.

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Health Metrics

One of the best ways to know how things are going is to keep track. That almost sounds like a Yogi Berra-ism. But it isn’t. It’s the way I think. And the way we all ought to think about our health metrics.

Some health indicators are harder to come by, like cholesterol and triglyceride screenings. But blood pressure, that’s easy. Many stores (with pharmacies) have free machines. You can check (and double check) in about two minutes. The photo is from our grocery store trip last night.

Why wouldn’t you?

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Blood Pressure Tests

Just Do It
Just Do It

Do you know your blood pressure? And do you know your resting heart rate?  How often do you check?  Do you know how and why you have the numbers you do?

Also known as a no-brainer, putting it off and being afraid to know are not good. I check it virtually every time I’m in a Wal-Mart or Publix Grocery Store, for free, at one of those testing stations.

What would happen to your results if you walked five days each week, fitting in 15-30 minutes (or more) each time? And what would happen if you did that for five years in a row?

Last night’s results at Wal-Mart:

Show Me The Money
Show Me The Money