Health Is Wealth

We can not fully appreciate this wisdom until this moment in life

List of world's greatest athlete's accomplishments.
World’s greatest athlete’s accomplishments.


Ashton Eaton story
World’s greatest athlete. Ever.


We can not appreciate the wisdom of a healthy body until we accept, as fact, that a healthy body is better than winning the power ball lottery.

Health is wealth. Profoundly simple. Simply profound.

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Comeback 2013

Our health should take a back seat to nothing

Chevron Gas Station sign about juggling life's priorities
Chevron Gas Station sign reminds us life can be very busy


Our health should take a back seat to nothing.

Health is wealth. – Anna Felegy (my wife’s Grammy, RIP 1989)

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Our health should take a back seat to nothing.

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Health Is Wealth

Time Flies

Everything we owned starting out. (WSU, Aug. 1984)

All told, 48 boxes for the Trucking company – Washington State to Florida.

Moving day…

Becoming full-time Disney Cast Members in 1984 was (and still is) very exciting. We worked hard, like all young folks starting out, establishing ourselves and building our careers, a sense of community, and a home.

One of the inherent dangers with blind ambition is the mismanagement of time, primarily from shifting priorities – or the (false) perception thereof.

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Health Is Wealth

We Never Said

Somewhere about 25-30 weeks into it, the epiphany.

We never said the push-ups had to be in a row. This allowed jeff noel to keep going at a make it or break it point.

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Health Is Wealth

April 4, 2009

(An archived post from exactly 2 years ago today):

It hit me a few years ago.

The answer.

And I was reminded of it yesterday, when I casually shared it with a friend who wants to lose 50 pounds.

Your carrot has to be huge. It has to be one you’ll chase for the rest of your life.

Until I die?


My big carrot?

It ain’t the world championships.

What then?

Being a role model for my son. Honoring our creator who gave us the gift of our body. Seeing our son graduate from high school. Etc.

The world championships? A smaller, several year carrot.

Make today a day you stop by the produce section and get yourself some vegetables. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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