Common Sense Is Elusive

As if Baby Boomers need a reminder for this physical BFO

The Grinch who stole Christmas
Elementary school play on a Friday night after working 6am-5pm


First Baptist The Singing Christmas Trees
A Christmas traditional, The Singing Trees, after working all day Saturday


As if Baby Boomers need a reminder for this physical BFO – blinding flash of the obvious:

Use it or lose it.

Our body houses everything that keeps us alive. It thrives on exercise, good food, and rest.

Only ran two days in the past seven. Grueling holiday schedule. Everyone has the same list of excuses.

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Health Is Wealth

Did You Exercise Recently?

How big a struggle is it to find time to exercise? jeff noel, Lane Eight blogger, sitting at Jacksonville Airport, waiting for a ride to hook up with a bunch of 4th graders on a school trip.

Sound familiar? No exercise Mon, Tues or today. Tomorrow looks impossible too.

So do we quit?


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