You’re Gonna Have To Bleed

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Health Blog

Ok, so Lane 8 is a health blog that just so happens to also be a running blog – that’s what works for me. You’ve got your own thing.

Motivation. How many times does that show up?

Passion. Fire. Burning desire. Steve Prefontaine.

He said, “There may be someone who can beat me, but they’ll have to bleed to do it.”

I’d classify myself as a sprinter, not a distance runner. I (hate) prefer not to run 5k’s, and 10k’s. They make my heart and lungs want to explode.

But I do them anyway, to burn, to bleed, to push the limits of the human heart and to have fun.

Sunday’s goal was to run 20:30. Mile splits of 6:40 + 6:40 + 6:35 + :35 landed this:

Does This Make Me An Expert?
Does This Make Me An Expert?

Why Exercise?

Age old question isn’t it? Why exercise?

What’s your answer?

There will never be a better time than right now to do it. I realize many reading this will disagree that there’s a better day than today.

If so, may I ask this, “Then if it’s not today, when?”

How many more days, weeks, months, years can your answer be, “Not today?”

Have a great day. “Here’s to your health, your goals, your dreams, and, to today!”

Suomi Sisu

Three more questions:

  1. Do you have guts?
  2. Do you have determination?
  3. Are you the type that doesn’t give up?

If this is you, then you have sisu (pronounced “C-sue”).  It’s Suomi (Finnish) for guts, determination and not quitting.

While in Lahti, Finland, representing the United States at this year’s WMA Masters Track and Field World Championships, I met a Finnish couple and overheard them say, “She’s got sisu (C-sue)!”

They were talking about one of the women who was competing in the W80-84 1,500 meters.  Can you comprehend that?  Early 80’s, running in the Masters World Championships?

I agree, she had sisu.

Makes me wonder what I’ll have when I get older.