Happy Healthy Sunday?

Happy Healthy Sunday? It’s our choice isn’t it? I’m still smiling from yesterday.   I asked our eight-year old son to help create a tee-shirt design for Lane8.org I challenged him to do five pages worth.  He did.  He’s clever, creative and funny. This journey to make it to the Men’s 50-54 400 meter finals at […]

97.5 (I think)

Nice easy run this morning, not even two miles.  Why?  Not enough time in the day to do everything, eh? Early yesterday was a good five-miler, plus later, got in a 75-minute gym/core workout.  So no worries today. Remember, rest is your friend.  Slothfulness, no.  Rest.  Indeed.   How big are your dreams?  Hey, you don’t […]

Cross your fingers

In a few minutes, around 7:15AM, I’ll be heading out for another five-miler.  Moment of truth? I hope so. And I hope that whatever happens, I’ll be strong enough to surrender, should I be disappointed.  Or to be strong enough to embrace the enormous responsibility to keep moving forward.  This is an impossible-goal journey, which is more than […]