What’s Easier?

Stadium Steps At Indiana University, May 13
Stadium Steps At Indiana University, May 13

Life is pretty simple.  We all know this to be true, however, we most likely forget.

We really have only two choices when it comes to our health. Focus on it or don’t focus on it.

Which leads us to one more simple truth, and again, there are only two choices here.

Give up trying because it’s too difficult, or never give up trying.

I’ll bet you struggle with this as much as I do. That’s one of the main reason’s Lane 8 exists in the first place – to nourish the people who have chosen the later.

Lane 8 in Paris?

Lane 8 in Paris?

Only for 90 minutes.

My first overseas flight to Helsinki through Paris.

I fly frequently, so I’m good with all the logistics.

Except at Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris this morning.

Wow.  I barely made it.  So glad I didn’t give up this morning.

Miraculously, made it by five minutes.

Actually, not giving up is what got me here in the first place.

Carpe diem, and tempt yourself to never give up.  Because if you’re not tempted to not give up, what are tempted by?

jeff noel, out in Lane 8 🙂