Why Are The 2 Pictures Different?

A simple walk is all it takes to get started. The catch is that you can never quit…

Last night at Gold’s Gym, our Son asked why are the out of shape people in the ‘before’ pictures never smiling and the same people in the ‘after’, in shape pictures, always smiling?

Then he answered his own question and I replied, “Exactly!”

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The Clock Is Ticking

The Answers Seem to Be Behind The Fence
The Answers Seem to Be Behind The Fence

Getting in shape, whatever that means, is something most people know to be a reasonable and desirable goal.

But doing it is next to impossible for many people.

Do you know why?

Do you know the secret to overcoming what most can not, will not, and do not overcome?

Crazy thing is, both those questions have been answered here at Lane 8, at least a dozen times in the past 14 months.