Good Fats, Bad Fats

Image is Everything?
Image is Everything?

This Everyday Health article should help us understand the difference between good fats and bad fats.

Some people count calories. Others watch their portion sizes.

Neither one of these matters much if you’re not considering the good fats and the bad fats.

Where in the book of Life does it say that getting healthy and staying healthy will be easy?

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Lane 8 WMA World Championships

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Most likely, I’ll be the only one clicking on the link.  Why?  Because there are not too many people smart enough over 40 years old (any age really), who focus on their wellness as much as I’m motivated to do.

Why?  Well, um, well, I really don’t know.  Probably has something to do with an unresolved emotional issue or a predisposition to over-achieve.  Everyone has unique quirks.  Staying healthy is one of mine.