Besides Diet & Exercise

A Little Goes A Long Way

In analyzing why some people stay the long course with personal wellness and life balance, there’s an overlooked fitness tip: Finding significance in your journey. Remember why you began it, what you dreamt. Learn from your setbacks. Cherish your milestones.

Then begin to create your story (fill it with details), so you can tell others – to inspire them. Inspiring others is also an overlooked tip I’ll explore tomorrow.

The Windermere Run Among The Lakes 5k was the very 1st 5k I ever ran.

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Ever Think Like This?

Run Among The Lakes

Blog advisors tell bloggers not to talk about themselves. They say you should write about what interests the reader. So, I’ll meet them half way.

Readers want to see someone practicing what they preach. We want to listen to someone who’s been down, and continues to go down, the same path as us.

Rather than jump into the 1st 5k that came along, I picked one with significant meaning, The 10th Annual Windermere Run Among The Lakes 5k on April 2nd.

Tomorrow, why you should give just a little more thought before acting.

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One Mail Box Challenge

Is The Mail Here Yet?

Kids mostly spend too much time indoors. Our household is not immune.Searching for a place to begin, I looked for several ingredients:

  • Easy to be successful
  • No travel involved
  • No equipment necessary
  • Didn’t take too much time

The one-mailbox-a-day wellness program that worked so well for jeff noel 12 years ago, as a 40 year old, might also work for a 10-year old.

Anything in the above recipe that repulses you? Put up or shut up – in the nicest way possible.

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Common Sense Is Elusive

Lots Of Famous People

Lots of famous people will try to tell you and sell you. Aren’t we old enough to recognize hype and exploitation? Marketers feed off our insecurities. We’re easy prey. Get a grip.

Is my approach – you know, the basics, the fundamentals – too much to get your arms around?

Eat. Sleep. Work. Family. Exercise. The trick is to do them well. Which mostly means – just do it.

All of it.

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Numbers, numbers, numbers USATF

Run Blog Run

Run Blog Run is an interesting blog I found while reading Fast Forward on the plane to Niagara Falls yesterday. By the way, I’m here in Niagara Falls, New York.

Fast Forward is a free magazine as part of a USATF membership.

Was it coincidence that the first article on Run Blog Run featured Jeremy Wariner?   Jeremy has dominated the 400 meters for some time:

  • 3 Olympic Gold Medals
  • 4 World Championship Gold medals
  • 5th Fastest 400m Time Ever

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, LaShawn Merritt, age 22, defeated Jeremy, and established himself as the Olympic 400m gold medalist.

What does any of this mean?

It just means that everybody has something they love to do.  Jeremy, LaShawn and I love to run 400m.

I also happen to love helping others go for their dreams.  That’s what Lane 8 is all about.

Dream Big.  Get There.  Stay There.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂