Yesterday’s exercise was purely spiritual

Allentown View from roof
Less than 24 hours ago.


Allentown View from roof
From the rooftop of Weber Funeral Home.


Allentown View from roof
Context. It was 50 degrees at 745AM.


Allentown View from roof
We were offered a brief tour up to the top floor and out onto the roof.


Allentown View from roof
Most residents were either sleeping or just waking up on Saturday morning.



Allentown View from roof
November 4, 2017 at sunrise.


Allentown View from roof
Simply an ordinary moment in time – a photo that will never win any contests.


Yesterday’s exercise was purely spiritual.

It was an incredible workout for the entire Family.

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Live like you mean it every single day?

Disney Cast Member Main Entrance Pass
Somewhere around 8am yesterday.


Disney Cast Member Main Entrance Pass
Same photo, different resolution.


Magic Kingdom Town Square Christmas decorations
Second water break, during an 11-mile trek yesterday.


Living like you mean it is one of those streams of thought that rarely crosses our mind because we are busy carving out a life.

What if living like you mean it was actually how we spent our days?

If it was, it might look like the ordinary Monday i had yesterday. Two hours of writing, then a run to Magic Kingdom and back, before resuming the work day.




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