An author must exercise and challenge and have fun

Walt Disney quote about large Florida land purchase
Walt was asked, What are you going to do in Florida?


Exercise is not just physical. Exercise can be mental. We know this. Here you go then…

Four things a book manuscript submission process can teach a person

Clarity • Simplicity • Focus • Execution

The book deal promises 100 days from manuscript submittal, a copy is in your hand.

You get one sentence (20 words max) to describe what your book is about.

Can we summarize our life’s work or our future vision in one sentence?

Have we ever tried? This brings us back to clarity, simplicity, focus, and shipping (doing what you say you are going to do).

All done with generosity and authenticity.

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Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won’t help

53 year old man bending down to help someone
sometimes just bending over can be dangerous


Stay healthy, have fun. A mantra created from a truckload of exercise mistakes, all revolving around overdoing it.

Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won’t help. – Calvin and Hobbes

Dang if I didn’t torque the left hamstring yesterday. Wasn’t even running.

The rest of you, please remember to be careful, and have fun – in that order.

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Yesterday (Not The Beatles Song)

Take Your Time, But Don't Wait
Take Your Time, But Don't Wait

Yesterday a friend said I was probably the only person who thinks running and sweating is fun. It was their response after reading a conference agenda that started the day with an optional “fun run”, in the Florida heat.

Sitting here writing this second of five blogs before I go for a five-mile run (yes, in the sweaty Florida heat), the fun won’t come soon enough. Partly because this is my “Monday”, meaning the past two days have been active rest days.

How can you become motivated to be focused and disciplined to feel the same way?

Man, wish I had an answer for you. Part of the root cause of my joy is the feeling I get when my clothes fit comfortably. When I can be active and not feel “old”. When I enjoy an ice cream cone without an ounce of guilt, like yesterday.

I Ran Into Mike

Some Things Are Not What They Appear
Some Things Are Not What They Appear

How was your day yesterday? Are you happy with your results, your determination, your creativity? We contemplated yesterday that slacking off might actually pay good dividends. Case in point.

Had a great run yesterday and ran into Mike. Mike looked to be in the 40-50 year range. Just by chance, we found ourselves engaged in conversation. “What motivates you to run?”, I asked, always curious.

He’s been running for 30 years. “For fun!”, he said.

Challenging that, I said there’s got to be something else, something deeper. Just doing it for fun, to me, would wear off after say 10 or 20 years. But 30 years, that’s amazing. Do you think you can stay with an exercise you like, for 30 years?