How Much Is Enough?

37 degrees at 6:15am


Out the door on a bicycle at 7:00AM…


weather app
Whoa is me.


weather app
Every degree warmer helps make the ride easier.


Back home from the three-hour exercise session, and just before lunch…


home blood pressure monitor
Started adding some salt to my diet – i’m probably deficient.


Was heading to Goodwill after lunch and passed by Allergy Doctor’s office…


flu shot agreement
Signed the flu shot agreement yesterday. No issues as of this morning.


37 degrees at 6:15am

Wore sweat pants yesterday.

Something i rarely do.

Wasn’t even sure where to look for a pair.

i do not like cold weather.

At all.

PS. 160.5/8.0

•  •  •  •  •

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Lane 8 In Fancy Hotel?

Okay, so yesterday was a video of Jack the Bear in Mexico.  And today we find Jack in Dallas (different trip) at a nice place.

It was 20 degrees the next morning and I found the willpower to run outside at 7:00AM.  I used a pair of socks for gloves and had four layers on my upper body.

No sweatpants though, which took me back to the winter days in Pennsylvania, when a few of us would run distance runs in the snow and freezing temps, sans sweatpants.

Even found the willpower to do a core workout in the Hotel gym the night before, even though I was tired from travel.

So, here’s Jack commenting on where we stayed:

Yes it was a fancy hotel. And yes, Jack watched TV while I worked out and also when I ran in 20-degree temps. Not only is he one lucky bear, but he’s also very smart.