Ever Think Like This?

Lose the weight

Wind is an intriguing Pixar short story. Wind stereotypically doesn’t move heavy objects. Great habits usually move heavy objects.

Want to feel lighter?

Drop everything that weighs you down.

You’re welcome.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs

Dear Son, fun is in the physical freedom

Orlando Wellness Speakers


(photo: Apple Sore window caption: “From one gift come many”.)

Dear Son, from one gift, physical health, come many.

Please do not take offense if the following does not describe you now.

Yet know it IS achievable if we are willing to burn the ships of old habits, excuses, and fears.

Fun is in the physical freedom.

To taste the weirdly wonderful joy of loose fitting clothing.

To feel unembarrassed poolside or beachside. Or anywhere.

You are already youthful. Every 14 year old is.

But to feel strong, flexible, vibrant.

To feel deep personal integrity in our food choices and portions.

To place sleep on our high priority list.

We are lean when we are active and intentional.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs

Scratch them off, one by one, to hit this lotto

Imagine a century of living with excuses. Imagine making a decision along that journey to no longer allow excuses in.

Ever. Again.

Can we?

(video from July 2009, Finland, Masters Track & Field World Championships)



One version of personal freedom is eliminating every excuse we’ve ever thought of.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs

Let freedom ring…in the USA and in our health efforts

The White House
The White House, June 28, 2012

Let freedom ring…in the USA and in our health efforts. Yesterday’s early morning run through the National Mall in Washington DC allowed pause for reflection, even though the reflection pool is dry.

We must fight as hard for our freedom from doubt and insecurity as our heroic soldiers fought for our Country’s freedom.

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Ever Think Like This?

What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

The Truth Can Be Very Scary
The Truth Can Be Very Scary

The biggest obstacle humans have, it seems, is that we want everything to be easy.

Marketers and Advertisers make their living making things easier for us, or making us believe things will get easier.

The brutal reality?

It just ain’t so.

The truth hurts. And it also sets us free.

Work hard today. And tomorrow. And like, for the rest of your life. We can coast when we’re dead.

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